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What makes the Residence lodges eco-friendly?

At one with nature

As part of their commitment to sustainability, the lodges have been designed to blend into the ‘green’ environment, built from natural materials and landscaped with native tree species and wild flower grass. Planting will take time to mature, but it is intended that a woodland setting will eventually be achieved around the lodges.

As the existing rental properties on the Gwel an Mor are all timber framed it seemed natural that The Residence should follow suit. The Thermowood cladding is extremely durable and stable thanks to heat treating – very necessary on a site which is so exposed to the elements. Supplied by FinnForest, wood is sustainably sourced from managed pine forests and manufactured in way which releases minimal emissions.

Sustainable building services

The lodges meet BRE rating code level 4, or a eco home rating of ‘excellent’ so are extremely energy efficient. Electricity runs the entire site with air source heat pumps to provide heating, via underfloor pipes, blown air, and hot water; the external condenser units are sited under the decking. In winter months a log burning stove provides secondary heat if required.

Extensively insulated, the lodges achieve a very low air tightness measurement. Heating, hot water and cooling system is supplied by a Samsung Eco Heating System (EHS), an all in one system which combines Air to Air and Air to Water heat pumps. The EHS lowers energy costs and CO2 emissions while also providing various combinations of air and water solutions, meeting user needs all year round.

By alternating operation between air to water and air to air, one outdoor unit delivers both functions; reducing cost and space required – compared to a gas boiler, EHS can reduce running costs by up to 1/3, with a price and space reduction of up to 50%. The system is made up of an inverter compressor optimally operated according to the outdoor temperature, offering heating performance of 90% at -10C and reliable anti-freezing protection at -20C.

The EHS provides quick heating with Time Division Multi (TDM) technology. Underfloor heating usually takes four to eight hours to heat up a room after it is turned on. The EHS TDM quickens this process by blowing hot air, along with the underfloor heating.

“I chose to go down the ‘eco’ route because a) we have a responsibility to cut carbon and b) it’s a good business decision,” said Bill Haslam.

“Both The Residence and Gwel an Mor are testament to my desire to create a truly quality holiday destination for the UK market, one that rivals and even exceeds foreign alternatives, while also being sympathetic the environment – both the wider one and more specifically Cornwall. Apart from planting native flora and forna around the lodges, our farm, Feadon, includes a wildlife sanctuary where we rescue local animals and teach visitors, in particular children, the importance of looking after our countryside.”

“As much as I’d like to say that everything I did was a selfless act, at the end of the day I want to be a success and I believe that people are becoming far more aware of making sustainable choices. It’s a selling point of the lodges, one which will hopefully attract the types of people who are willing to pay a bit more for a quality product that satisfies their sense of ethics – they may also choose to holiday in the UK to cut down on air miles.” He concluded.

What are the investment options available?

At The Residence there are three ways to maximise the investment return on your holiday home:

  1. For owners who don’t plan to use the property The Residence will guarantee a net return on investment of 7% per year for two years, net of all management fees.
  2. For owners who plan to have limited use their property (four weeks per year) the Residence will guarantee a net return of investment of 6% per year for two years net of all management fees.
  3. For owners who are unsure when they will use their property they may take part in our ‘floating’ rental scheme where the property will only be made available for guest rental when the owners allow. Given the resorts high levels of occupancy an excellent return is still achievable.
How can you offer such attractive returns?

As part of the award winning resort of Landal Gwel an Mor, we have consistently achieved annual occupancy levels in excess of 60%. With our excellent marketing, reservations and bookings department we are confident this will continue.

Additionally, being regular award winners both nationally and regionally for customer service, resort experience, quality and standards of our properties, we attract ever increasing numbers of discerning guests.

Is mortgage financing available for these properties?

Yes, as the properties have full building regulation certificates we have been able to forge relationships with reputable lenders who will evaluate the level of finance available dependent upon the applicant’s status.

If I opt for one of the guaranteed investment returns, what charges apply?

During the rental guarantee period there will be no charges: this includes, management fees, marketing fees, utility bills and council tax.

Are there any warranties on The Residence properties?

Yes, all come with a ten year latent defects warranty, the same as you would expect on any new build property. The warranty is underwritten by Allianz.

What services do the properties at The Residence receive?

All the usual mains services are connected, including water, drainage and sewerage, electricity, telephone, wi- fi internet connection and fibre optic cabling for satellite television.

What are the management fees at The Residence?

If you choose the guarantee return, valid for two years there are no charges. After two years, the annual management fee would apply. This is £4,500 p/a and looks after all communal areas and also contributes to the facilities, allowing access to the pool, gym, steam room and sauna. This is fixed for the first three years, and thereafter can only increase in line with inflation and must be reasonable.

In the rolling rental, you can expect the annual management fee, as described above plus metered utility charges for electricity and water. If you decide to rent, the resort charges 25% of gross revenue as a marketing and reservation fee, plus housekeeping fee for each changeover.

Are there any occupation restrictions at The Residence?

The resort is open 365 days a year and The Residences have full residential status meaning that there are no restrictions. In fact, if you wanted you could live full time in the property.

What options can I implement to enhance the occupancy of my property at The Residence?

There are a number of options that may be considered, such as making your property pet friendly or a fully accessible property for guests who have mobility issues. We have noticed that these properties generally attract higher occupancy levels.

How is my property at The Residence maintained to a 5* standard?

All properties at our resort are regularly inspected and maintained to the high standards our guests and owners expect.

If you take part in our guaranteed rental options there will no charges for any work carried out in the first two years.

If you decide to be in the ‘floating’ rental programme we will advise you accordingly of any work required and bill you on completion.

What facilities can I enjoy at the resort?

Landal Gwel an Mor is continually evolving, adding facilities that are popular with guests and encourage continued high occupancies.

Currently, the resort offers:
Heated Indoor Pool, Gym, Sauna & Steam Room, Spa
Fully Licensed Restaurant
Wildlife Centre
Coarse Fishing Lake
9 Hole Par 3 Golf Course
Indoor Soft Play Area
Clip and Climb
Costa Cafe

How can I arrange to view the properties at The Residence?

Simply by contacting our sales department on:
T: 01209 844137
E: sales@gwelanmor.com

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