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Choices for accommodation when planning a vacation vary considerably: from 5 star luxury hotels with hot and cold running staff, right the way through to a piece of waterproofed nylon hanging between a couple of sticks.

Some choices are dependent upon budget, some on personal ascetics and some on practical necessities.

So what might seem obvious is that choosing a property at a destination that suits your needs and delivers on all the criteria to make your holiday perfect is of crucial importance. If like many you are travelling as a family you may find that your requirements for facilities and amenities to satisfy all are many, so it may be interesting to compare a traditional hotel with a luxury self- catering resort, such as Gwel an Mor.

Most major chain hotels offer standardised rooms and facilities so you can be reasonably confident of what to expect – in short you get what it says on the tin. The rooms are decorated to a corporate ideal and generally cater to a mixed market; business travellers and vacationers, whereas the resorts are specifically tailored to holiday travellers.

Straight away you can see that there is a difference in attitude, the traditional hotel has to please all whereas the resort provides specifically to vacationers. Of course all the hotels provide in room entertainment, restaurants, swimming pools, spas etc, but so do resorts.

Perhaps the biggest plus for Gwel an Mor and The Residence is the multiple room choices, offering units of two and three bedroom configurations that allow members of family or friends to share the intimacy of being together, yet retaining enough privacy.

So often when groups book into chain hotels they find that their rooms are scattered all over the property, especially during peak vacation times when occupancy is high.

Another positive for luxury resorts is the added space afforded of a unit, as most incorporate en suite bathrooms and showers, kitchens, ample living space to spread out and luxuriate. Compare this to the shoe box hotel room with all the furniture squeezed in; well really there is no comparison.

Many main chain hotels have now recognised that resorts offer an extremely attractive option for vacations and therefore have launched their own vacation clubs in an attempt to compete. Why would this be?

Well it seems clear that resorts offer a complete holiday experience, because they are totally focused on the vacation experience, they are not diluting the concept of their properties and therefore have specifically set out to create the ultimate holiday experience.

So it would seem that even the competition concurs, vacations are better at a luxury resort. If you agree, why not own part or all of a holiday home in The Residence so that you and your family may experience the benefits of a resort, whenever you want.