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Simply put, Fractional Ownership of a property is where the title is divided amongst a number of individuals, who all share the ownership rights.

In the case of The Residence, the ownership rights give each individual a shared interest in the freehold title of the property and equal rights with regard to usage.

Why is this interesting? Well, typically with regard to holiday homes, most outright owners use their property for less than 6 weeks a year. This is predominantly due to the amount of holiday time we have available through work commitments. It therefore begs the question, why would you want to buy a property outright which you would only use for a fraction of the time?

When buying a fraction or a share of a property there is less capital investment as you only pay for the time that you would use, therefore allowing the buyer to own something that might ordinarily be outside of their price range in an outright purchase.

In the UK, fractional ownership is a reasonably recent development following in the footsteps of the US where this concept has been around for 20+ years. Some cynics suggest that Fractional Ownership is merely a hybrid of its much maligned cousin, Time Share. However ,Fractional Ownership differs in one major way in that the owner, actually owns a share of the freehold title, so arguably has an appreciating asset. Time Share is only a right to use the property for a limited and time specified period, whether that is for particular designated weeks  over 10, 15 or 20 years and at the termination all you will have are the memories. With Fractional, you are able to dispose of the asset by sale or passing on to a family member.

When considering a fractional ownership purchase at The Residence it is enlightening to look at the costs that would be incurred paying for holidays and at what point the ownership has paid for itself. The Residence shared ownership of 1/12 would allow the owner guaranteed usage rights: 1 week in Peak period, one week in the Off Peak period and a short break around a Bank Holiday or school half term. Typically, this would cost approximately £5,000 a year, so with a 1/12 share in a three bedroom unit, you might consider yourself to be in a position of profit after 7 years.

Fractional Ownership at The Residence is designed to allow all owners fair and equal use of the property. To do this the annual calendar has been divided into Peak (12 weeks from mid-June to the end of August), Off Peak (12 weeks in May, early June and September) and 12 Short Breaks of 3 and 4 night duration, including Xmas, Easter and school half terms. Each owner is guaranteed usage in all of these periods. So that all owners have access to the most desirable periods, each guaranteed stay rotates forward annually, so that for example if you are staying in the first week of July in 2012, in 2013 your Peak week would be the first week of August.

As a Fractional Owner at The Residence you are not restricted to just these guaranteed periods and are free to stay at other times of the year subject to availability and a fair use policy. In fact, as Gwel an Mor evolves with more family orientated facilities and activities to make it a truly 52 week a year destination you are actively encouraged to use whenever you can.

If you require more guaranteed weeks or greater access to the property you are able to buy multiple shares, again, only paying for what suits your lifestyle and pocket.

For more information on Shares ownership at The Residence, contact David Leadbeatter:

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