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Back in November we told you how the Paramore-Eastwood family had taken ownership of their new holiday lodge at the Residence and of their excitement at owning a slice of Cornish luxury. Half a year on, Kath Eastwood and Ian Paramore tell us more about their decision to buy one of the holiday lodges for sale at the Residence and their hopes for the future of their purchase.

High-end eco-friendly holiday retreats, The Residence offers owners the benefits of a holiday home with all the indulgences of a luxury resort. Created by and situated at the multi-award winning Gwel an Mor holiday resort on the North Cornish Coast at Portreath, The Residence holiday lodges for sale are at the heart of the country’s most desirable vacation location.

With two or three bedroom modern-luxe designs, The Residence holiday lodges for sale have been created as spacious havens. Allowing buyers to enjoy their very own taste of luxury in Cornwall, The Residence also represents a great investment opportunity with their rental return scheme offering up to 7% return on investment in the first two years.

Residence owners Kath and Ian became aware of the holiday lodges for sale at the Residence whilst on holiday at Gwel an Mor and purchased their three bedroom Residence holiday lodge in October 2012. As regular visitors to the Gwel an Mor resort, the couple and their two young children already appreciated the location, high-standard of accommodation and extensive facilities, so jumped at the chance to buy their own piece of this winning formula. “We love coming down because of the sea views and really we just fell in love with the location.” Commented Kath Eastwood from her luxury holiday lodge at The Residence. “It’s always so relaxed and everywhere here is pointing towards the sea, the views are great and all that fresh air – we just wouldn’t change a thing”.

“We hadn’t thought about investing at all, we were quite happily just coming down to the Gwel an Mor lodges but on viewing the style and the quality of The Residence development – that was it. We were sold on the idea straight away” says Ian who works in the financial industry. “Once we had decided we wanted to buy one of the holiday lodges for sale at The Residence, we then, of course, needed to look into the financial aspects. First off, we discussed how many times we would come down and how often we would use the retreat. After looking into it all, the whole proposition looked really good as an investment with a great return. In addition to this, the long-term aspect is we have somewhere lovely to come and ultimately, so have the children for now and when they are grown up”, says Ian.

“We really looked at the long-term possibilities. Later on, maybe when we are retired and we have more time, we can come down and spend longer plus the children will have somewhere they can bring their friends and family in years to come. We see this very much as a long-term thing.” Says Kath, who makes it clear that their decision to buy one of the holiday lodges for sale at The Residence is a lifestyle choice and a long-term prospect for the family.

“One of the things we specifically made a decision about was that because we are tied up for long hours when we are working, we were going to try and take more family time away from home. This means that when we are in Cornwall, we are together and we have quality time with the children. So that was a definite thought and very important to us- to have somewhere we can regularly come each year and enjoy our family time in a wonderful and beautiful location” outlines Dentist Kath.

The family bought their Residence in October 2012, agreeing to a flexible arrangement of at least four weeks a year holiday time in their Residence and deciding to put their retreat back into the rental pool for the remaining time, guaranteeing a return of 6% on their initial investment for the first 2 years. Other schemes available at The Residence offer a 7% return, depending on how often the owners plan to use the property for themselves.

One of the deciding factors for Kath and Ian in buying their holiday lodge for sale at The Residence was the hassle-free element, with the retreats being fully serviced and maintained, so ready for the family to start enjoying their holiday immediately. “The fact that it’s all ready for us when we arrive –  it’s immaculate. We walk in and it is perfect” says Kath.

“The holiday lodges at Gwel an Mor have been established for a while and after personally experiencing the quality of them, this really helped us to make our decision to buy one of the holiday lodges for sale at The Residence. The fact that the resort has done a great job of the upkeep and maintenance gave us the confidence that the structure is in place for The Residence to be maintained to the same high-standard” comments Ian. “If we had bought somewhere else, perhaps a little cottage, and had to maintain it by ourselves or get people in to look after it, that really wouldn’t work for us. It would just eat into our holiday time”.

Combining the best of a luxury hotel with the comforts of a private home, those that buy the holiday lodges for sale at The Residence enjoy full access to all the facilities the 5 star Gwel an Mor holiday resort has to offer – leisure facilities, the Spa, The Terrace Restaurant and Bar and Feadon Farm Wildlife and Conservation Centre. With fishing, horse riding, rock climbing, golf, and conference facilities in development, The Residence will continue to evolve and see the benefits of ownership grow.

As Kath says, “As soon as we walk in – it just feels right. We say it each time and we do feel very privileged to be able to have this and use it. The plan is to come down for four weeks a year whilst the children are still young and we are still working hard but time goes quickly, so ten years from now the children will hopefully be at university or college and we will be retired and then the plan will be to come for longer”.