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This autumn half term, Ian Paramore and Kath Eastwood took possession of their new luxury holiday home at The Residence, Gwel an Mor.

Given the excitement and expectation, it was no surprise that Kath and Ian decided to invite their extended family and friends for what proved to be a double celebration as Kath also enjoyed her birthday.

From the high standard of the original show units, the level of quality and attention to detail has been upgraded to include ipod docks and speakers mounted in the ceilings, under-floor heating throughout and increased storage space for bikes, surfboards and golf clubs.

Ian happily commented: ‘We knew the standard would be exceptional, and we are delighted that the additions are even better than expected’.

High praise indeed, reaffirming the resort owners commitment to quality and attention to detail throughout.

Like many, Kath and Ian have worked hard to accumulate some savings to purchase their holiday home, and having done so they need that money to work hard for them. The Residence provided the ideal balance, offering excellent investment returns and a great location to enjoy well-earned breaks with family and friends.

With the young children able to run about safely, Kath and Ian could indulge in some sports training on the expansive decking while the grandparents prepared a family meal.

Being part of an award winning resort ensures that occupancy levels will continue to grow and provide healthy returns on their investment whilst giving the owners confidence in that all aspects of their property is being professionally managed and maintained.

The resort is able to take all the risk out of owning a holiday home for people like Kath and Ian: They know that the first few days in their holiday home are not going to be spent dealing with maintenance issues and that all they need to bring are their clothes and a few personal items and they can be straight into relaxation mode. Groceries have been delivered, friendly and welcoming staff confirms that all is in order, the kids are booked onto a wildlife experience exploring the local fauna – the wine is chilled. Sounds like the perfect Luxury Holiday Home.